Case / POSY by Interflora

Ready to Face the Competition

When Interflora Denmark found out that a foreign competitor was about to cross the Danish borders and bring bouquet delivery plans as their service, the company did not panic. Instead they acted decisively and took the chance to ‘disrupt’ themselves.

Brandhouse helped Interflora launch POSY by Interflora in record time, a competitive sub brand, offering weekly and monthly deliveries of modern and casual everyday posies. POSY by Interflora is addressed to especially young and urban women who are inspired by visual expressions and trendsetters on social media.

Ready to Face the Competition

With help from Brandhouse the concept, name, visual identity and web design was ready in just four weeks and POSY by Interflora was born.

A ‘digital first’ launch strategy consisting of an integrated communication effort with a strategic use of bloggers, social media as well as consumer and corporate PR resulted in great media coverage and a lot of attention to the new brand.


How Customer Centric is Your Company?

For the third straight year, Brandhouse is the engine behind Denmark’s largest customer survey of service and retail companies: Customer Centric Survey 2015. Through 23,794 interviews, we have collected data on 78,339 unique customer experiences. The survey reveals how good your company is at generating value and differentiation at all relevant touchpoints with your customers – by benchmarking against your main competitors.

“33% of people following companies on social media are under 30 years old” – Customer Centric Survey 2015

What is new in the 2015 Survey?

As something new, this year we have measured companies’ ability to generate value in their marketing efforts. At the same time, we have measured companies’ ability to differentiate, i.e. generating value in a different way from their competitors. This enables you to evaluate the exact points in the customer journey where your company could strengthen their brand position.

The idea of Being Customer Centric

When you and your company create customer value, the customers generate value for you and your company. This is the fundamental idea behind being customer centric and placing the customer in the centre of all activities.

“Smartphone apps from service and retail companies are predominantly used by men” – Customer Centric Survey 2015

It takes knowledge to do something good for your customers. You have to know what they care about and what drives them to choose a store or a service company over another. Also, you have to know the customers’ perception of your company from every single touchpoint.

It is often difficult to get that close to your customers. But at Brandhouse, we make an attempt. Every year we conduct the Customer Centric Survey, an extensive inquiry of the Danes’ valuation of customer value from touchpoints within Denmark’s leading service and retail companies.

“Sporting goods stores, real estate agents and fitness centres are the sectors that create less differentiation through their marketing efforts” – Customer Centric Survey 2015

How much value does your company provide for your customers?

The Customer Centric Survey measures a company’s ability to generate value for consumers in all relevant touchpoints. Our survey covers more than 40 sectors and through 23,794 interviews, it places a figure on what the Danes have experienced from their interaction with more than 235 of Denmark’s largest service and retail companies.

Case / Netto

Value for Money

Netto is the Danes’ favourite convenience store chain. But more and more competitors have entered the market and changed the idea of what quality at a low price really is. Therefore, we have helped Netto strengthen customer loyalty by telling the Danes that they, in fact, already know where the best place to get value for their money is.

Value for Money

Over the past 10 years, the grocery market in Denmark has changed significantly. People expect lower prices, a wider product range and a better shopping experience. Netto is one of the strongest brands in the Danish grocery trade. However, they are constantly challenged by large international competitors on the idea of quality and price. Therefore, through in-depth consumer analyses, we have developed a strong broad-spectrum marketing strategy aimed at satisfying the Danes’ needs. This simply provides store traffic and ensures that Netto maintains their position as Denmark’s leading convenience store chain.


With the new strategy and concept “Making money is hard work,” Netto has not only maintained their position as the place where one gets more value for money, but, in fact, they have been able to strengthen this position as well. In 2014, Netto was appointed the third strongest brand. It is also one out of ten Danish brands of which the Danes know best and are most loyal to. At the same time, our work has contributed to drive Netto’s sales by factor 30 per DKK invested. Finally, the concept has contributed to a triple effect from 2009 to 2013 – partly because of Netto’s total marketing-investment and because of Netto’s investment in TV media.

Case / Interflora

Kind Thoughts at Your Doorstep

Flowers are not just flowers – there are feelings and thoughts behind them. Therefore, it is important to consider who should deliver your feelings and thoughts. This insight forms the basis of our work with Interflora.

Kind Thoughts at Your Doorstep

From personal experience, most of us know that it can difficult to declare your feelings to someone. This is because its difficult to open your heart to someone and maybe perhaps because you are physically far from that special someone. Even though Interflora can help us, we sometimes need a little ‘push’ to get it done.

We were asked to develop that little ‘push.’ The result was a new brand platform communicated through films, PR, digital material, newsletters, POS material and much more. After all, there are many ways to say it.


Since we started working with Interflora, their sales have been growing in a generally declining market where the total sale of flowers otherwise has been markedly decreasing. At the same time, Interflora has been able to find new sources of income through new product categories such as chocolate, wine and specialties.

Through testing, the Interflora campaigns have been appointed as some of Denmark’s best campaigns. They have been honoured at both national and international award shows, and one of the films has more than 1.4 million hits on YouTube – even without seeding.

Case / Kildevæld

A good Taste

How does one convince consumers to move their hands 10 centimetres to one side and pick your brand instead of another? It is a difficult practice and it gets even more difficult when you are selling something as generic as water. But it is possible – even while it simultaneously makes the world a better place.

A good Taste

It can be a challenge to combine your CSR strategy with your sales and marketing strategy. Too often, the CSR strategy ends up being an appendix, living its own life in parallel to your marketing efforts because it is difficult to create a link between brand promise and a good cause. But, for Kildevæld, it has turned out to work great.

Whether you are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or African, you need to quench your thirst once in a while. This fact formed the basis of a co-operation between Kildevæld and Red Cross that was launched in all the Nordic countries. The promise to give 3 litres of water to an African every time you need to quench your thirst was enough to get lots of consumers to move their hands and choose Kildevæld in preference to the competitors.

Case / Aalbæk Specialiteter

Good Craftsmanship Deserves Good Packaging

Aalbæk Specialiteter has a wide range of quality products that are sold through their own brand and as private labels. But as a result of growth and an expanding product range, Aalbæk Specialiteter needed to streamline identity and packaging design. Therefore, Brandhouse’s design agency, Bessermachen, helped Aalbæk Specialiteter become a visually stronger brand with products sold at large profits.

Good Craftsmanship Deserves Good Packaging

Aalbæk Specialiteter is one of Denmark’s most innovative food manufactures. With a focus on good craftsmanship, animal welfare and a clear opinion on ecology and additives, they develop and produce a range of unique products. However, the high quality of their products was not reflected in their visual identity and packaging design. The brand simply disappeared as a result of the chaotic confusion of their own sub-brands and many different private labels.

Therefore, Brandhouse’s design agency, Bessermachen, used Aalbæk Specialiteter’s DNA as a starting point, and from that we developed a brand new visual identity and other identity-forming elements. For example, we used traditional symbols from the butchering trade as stamps and numbering, and set them with a dull finish inspired from traditional butcher’s paper to communicate the exceptional craftsmanship behind Aalbæk Specialiteter and their products.

Case / Fujitsu

Green With Good Sense

For many years, Fujitsu has guaranteed reliable IT solutions, products and services for both large and small companies, as well as within the Danish public sector. But how does one talk about Fujitsu’s energy-saving servers and storage solutions in a way that not only appeals to IT managers? We helped them handle this challenge.

Green With Good Sense

Fujitsu wanted to let companies know about the economic and energy-efficient benefits they get if they upgrade their servers and storage systems to one of Fujitsu’s new green solutions.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to explain details about high tech servers, CO2 emissions and energy subsidies in a way that is clear and comprehensible to everyone. Therefore, we helped Fujitsu roll out the concept “Green sense pays off” via several online initiatives.

For example, the concept was rolled out via a landing-page, web banners and an animation that through fun facts and familiar situations, educates customers about how storing data can be done even smarter and better – both for the benefit of one’s budget and the environment.

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