VisitDenmark uses art intelligently

Brandhouse used AI and famous artworks to create the international brand campaign Don’t Be a Tourist, Be an Explorist. We put words in the mouth of the Mona Lisa, who recommended that tourists travel to Denmark and avoided queuing in front of her.

Denmark was not on the bucket list.
We probably are now

The idea was to turn classic tourist communication on its head by turning the attractions that thousands of people queue to see every year into advocates for holidaying in Denmark. A survey showed that most tourists don’t like crowded attractions or feeling like a tourist. So, using ChatGPT and a special kind of deep fake technology, we brought Mona Lisa and Van Gogh, among others, to life in a campaign film that encouraged people to experience something new – to be an explorer in Denmark. Of course, all done with great respect for the famous works and artists, and what you can and can’t do according to the law. But we went right to the edge – and maybe a little beyond.


More than 140 press mentions with an estimated reach of 425,000,000. Denmark has never been so well-visited. Tourism set a record in the first half of 2023.

Thomas Hedegaard
Partner, Director Brand Consultancy
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