We add value to your brand by
enriching your customers’ lives.
Across the entire customer

Here at Brandhouse we look at the entire customer journey, because it is the customer’s total experience that builds your brand. That is why we have competencies within basically all marketing disciplines. And for those areas where we do not have the competencies ourselves, we work closely with our skilled partners.


Having the right strategy is fundamental for success. When we present a strategy for your brand, it will always be based around your customers and their needs. This helps to ensure that we always come up with measures that will create added value for your customers and your brand.


At Brandhouse, we are always thorough in our preparations. We identify opportunities and lay out a clear strategy on the basis of analyses and with focus on your customers and their needs. We use our annual Customer-Centric Companies Survey to support our work, which is the largest customer analysis in Denmark, containing data on customer experiences and loyalty for 250 of the biggest retail and service companies in the country.


Branding is our core competence. We believe that a strong brand is essential in order to generate loyalty in a world where your customers are faced with more and more alternatives to choose from. Our approach to branding always begins with your customers and their needs.

Concept development

In our concept work, we translate strategy and insight into creative solutions which offer great customer experiences and ensure that your brand attains a strong and unique position in the market.


We do not simply create digital solutions, but rather solutions for a digital world. We develop strategies for brand presence within digital channels and we execute them with the customer’s needs in focus.

Public relations

We have one of the strongest press networks in Denmark – adapted to a broad range of brands across all sectors – nationally, regionally and locally. This ensures that your brand receives a relevant and secure media presence – and not least, a clear connection to activities in other media, pulling everything in the same direction.

Content marketing

We develop unique content marketing solutions for your brand with a focus on creating visibility in the online universe, and on building and maintaining a strong engagement with digital media. We create content for everything, from Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat through to press releases, advertisements, blogs and dialogue emails. And we take care to ensure consistency and coherence across all platforms. We also continuously measure the impact of our work.


Here at Brandhouse, we can help you with everything from brand strategy, brand architecture and design of CVI from scratch, right through to packaging design, web design and the implementation of your platform across all channels.

Brand activation

Always on or always relevant? Brands should always be ready to listen to their consumers, but don’t always need to be talking themselves. It is better to be interested than to make yourself interesting. But when you do decide to go out and say something, whatever you say should be relevant and able to create value for your consumers.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is the value of 25 pictures per second? Using our own in-house production suite with professional cameras and the right equipment for any assignment, we produce everything from vertical videos for SnapChat through to brand stories for internal and external use. We also have two certified drone photographers and a professional post-production suite. Bigger advertising films are produced in collaboration with some of the world’s most highly skilled directors and cameramen.