Customer-Centric means putting the customer first

For the last seven years in a row, Brandhouse has asked the Danish public about their brand loyalty and customer experiences with 187 of the country’s biggest retail and service companies. Search (and select) below to see if your company is included in the survey.

    53,000 customer experiences, 187 companies

    For the Customer-Centric Companies Survey 20/21, we teamed up with YouGov to conduct 15,000 interviews. We are talking about the largest customer analysis in all of Denmark, which records and thoroughly goes through 53,000 customer experiences each year, placing the focus on loyalty and perceived value at each and every point of contact. The analysis also shows how customer experiences with 187 different companies have changed over the last seven years.

    With 450,000 customer experiences over seven years, we have been able to map out consumer attitudes, behaviour and purchasing patterns across various retail and service companies. This gives us a solid foundation for consultancy and the development of effective branding.


    What does that mean?

    If your company is included in the analysis, then book a meeting to hear more about:

    • How do consumers perceive your company and its competitors?
    • What do we consider to be your biggest customer challenges and opportunities right now?
    • How can you create added value for both your customers and your brand?
    • How can the customer journey be improved and strengthened?

    Kasper Sebastian Munch
    Partner, Strategy Director