About Brandhouse

Brandhouse is a branding agency, because our focus is first and foremost on increasing the value of the brands and companies we work with. We do this through a combination of brand strategy, design and creativity. Our starting point is always that a brand should create relevant value for consumers and customers. But value for consumers doesn’t come primarily through marketing. The value of the brand comes through encounters with the brand at all touchpoints, including through quality and innovation in products and services. So, we combine marketing and brand experiences across the entire customer journey for the best consistency and impact. (Read more under Branded Behaviour®)

Brandhouse is made up of 80+ consultants, designers, creatives, tech and digital specialists. We don’t complete individual tasks, but are hired as a brand agency and work closely with our clients’ management and marketing management to create the most attractive space in the consumer’s mind. We adapt our competences and teams to the brand’s needs and situation, allowing us to be the best partner a brand can have.

International handling

Brandhouse is the Danish part of the global ICOM network. ICOM is an independent network of more than 80 like-minded marketing communications agencies in over 60 countries.

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Stiig Helgens Binggeli
Managing Partner