Synoptik sees eyes for what they really are

As lead agency, Brandhouse developed Synoptik’s brand position and customer promise We take your vision seriously. The strategy recognises customers’ desire to be greeted by experts. And sometimes you have to put on the responsible glasses to make a difference.

Everyone looked the same

Our collaboration started with an analysis of the market back in 2018. All optician chains did the same thing, and none stood out. None were known for professionalism and competent advice. And since Synoptik has some of the best opticians in Denmark, and we have identified consumer groups that want better service and gravitas, it was obvious to build the new position on a professional focus and not just on price. After all, it’s easy to get lost in a market and fail to recognise new opportunities, if everyone is chasing the same thing.

We take your vision seriously

The “We take your vision seriously” tagline opened up a different way of communicating with the market and positioned Synoptik as the experts. The people you talk to when you want to improve your vision, not just save money.

Today, the brand position is felt and seen at every touchpoint with customers. And the position allows us to constantly see and devise new campaigns that manifest the target group’s view of us and strengthen Synoptik as a brand.


Too many people live their lives with poor eyesight – without even realising it. Denmark’s largest eye test increased the number of booked eye tests by 59%.

Keep an eye out for Synoptik on the high street. You might see something you haven’t seen before…

Thomas Hedegaard
Partner, Director Brand Consultancy
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