Call me has more to say

Brandhouse picked up the thread and developed the platform The most important connection is the one we have with each other. Because when you have more to offer as a brand, you need to talk about something that matters.

Showing emotions and not prices

It’s hard to be heard when all telecoms companies shout all at once and fight over pricing and discounts. Customers choose and quickly choose again.

From day one, Call me has had a lot to say. The brand has always been relevant, interesting, always on the cutting edge and maybe a little disruptive to the others. And Call me focused especially on positive tone rather than just price, talk time, free text messages and data.

Now Brandhouse has created a brand new visual identity and a new brand platform that taps into emotions. We use commercial airtime on stories that are close to Call me’s and our customers’ hearts. Because even though everyone wants more and more data and more and more ways to connect, the best connection is the one we have with each other.

Thomas Hedegaard
Partner, Director Brand Consultancy
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