7-Eleven breaks the norms

For more than 30 years as 7-Eleven’s lead agency, Brandhouse has helped move 7-Eleven as a brand. From corner shop to the world’s best convenience concept. Today, the brand has so much pride that responsibility is on display both on the shelves and on the streets.

Always open to new opportunities

The goal was to position 7-Eleven as a quality-conscious food store. Where you don’t just grab a coke and a bag of crisps, but also satisfy your hunger with healthy and tasty food on the go. The product range, communication and customer experience were quality-checked, and new products and food experiences were developed in collaboration with some of the best suppliers. And as an agency, we were allowed to be involved as a strategic partner and put words, action and communication to the new position.

In 2019, the chain received the prestigious “Convenience Retailer of the Year” award. Fortunately, 7-Eleven is still hungry for more.

More than convenience

Since 2014, 7-Eleven has sponsored Copenhagen Pride. And in 2022, we capitalised on the sponsorship with a campaign that replaced the iconic 7-Eleven logo with thought-provoking facts about discrimination and challenges in the LGBT+ community.

Thomas Hedegaard
Partner, Director Brand Consultancy
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