7-Eleven – from kiosk to grocery store

7-Eleven is for people on the go. But it is also for people who value convenient and healthy food served with a smile. Today, 7-Eleven has more than 190 stores across Denmark, offering customers a broad and delicious range of fresh food products, unique groceries and various service items – every day, around the clock.

The challenge

The traditional kiosk market has changed considerably over the last few years. The liberalisation of opening hours legislation in Denmark has led to increased competition from supermarkets and petrol stations. Consumer habits have changed, with Danes cutting back on sugar and smoking less, meaning that kiosk trips have been in decline and there have been challenges related to the customer flow at 7-Eleven. That meant that there were limited future prospects from the demographic of young fast food consumers. At the same time, many of 7-Eleven’s core products moved online, such as train tickets and cards, and even newspapers – further removing the need for a quick trip down to 7-Eleven.

The solution

The solution was a re-positioning of the brand that would put 7-Eleven back on track with relevant communications and products that were adapted to the current market, and aimed at consumer groups with greater purchasing power than fast food-craving youths. The solution focused on the current health trend, offering healthy convenience items that were adapted to a slightly older market in a higher income bracket, with a particular focus on women. It was not just the company’s communications that got a makeover – almost the entire product range was reviewed, and a host of new products were introduced so that the company’s “branded behaviour” could be expressed through their range and in communications at all touch points.

7-Eleven plakat Juice eller proteinsalat


The result speaks for itself – 7-Eleven generated surplus profits for the first time in Denmark. Brandhouse was on hand as a facilitator throughout the entire process, right from the first analyses and customer insights through to the development of the new position and its marketing.

Thomas Hedegaard
COO / Client Service Director
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