Interflora is Denmark’s favourite supplier of emotion and loving thoughts. Perhaps because they help their customers to express themselves in exactly the right way

The challenge

Interflora was experiencing a bit of a slump – flowers and commemorative gifts were increasingly being bought in the grocery stores.

On the whole, flowers were being sold less than in the past, and sales were stagnating as a result.

At the same time, there was also the problem of bottlenecks around the most well known and traditional celebrations and anniversaries, so the “production apparatus” was not being used optimally, and sales were unevenly distributed across the year.

The solution

Brandhouse repositioned Interflora and strengthened the company’s reputation.

We created a new brand film entitled Odd Love, which became a viral hit on YouTube with almost two million views.

Focus was placed on increasing sales and relevance for consumers all year round. At the same time, the concept was expanded from being focused on gifts for special occasions to gifts in a broader sense, which thereby allowed Interflora to stake out a new position, renew its relevance, and enter into a larger and more lucrative growth market.

A strong content plan placed focus on occasions that can arise at ANY time of the year. This content plan established and communicated new situations and needs that could be solved with flowers or other gifts – which we also introduced into the company’s range.


Since the beginning of our cooperation with Interflora, their sales have grown in an otherwise declining market, broadly characterised by a considerable drop in flower sales. We have also been successful in helping the company to recapture lost sales through other products, such as chocolates, wine and speciality items.

At the same time, the various campaigns have been recognised as among the best in Denmark. They have been honoured at various Danish and international award shows, and a single film has been viewed more than 1.4 million times on YouTube – without any video seeding whatsoever. A 53% increase in the number of orders and an even greater increase in revenue demonstrates that Interflora’s new position allows the company to strategically address its challenges. Interflora was able to use its existing “assets” and create a new and stronger position in a broader growth market.

Interflora was able to use its existing “assets” and create a new and stronger position in a broader growth market.


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Thomas Hedegaard
COO / Client Service Director
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