Stiig Helgens Binggeli
Director, Business Development
Stiig Helgens Binggeli @ FacebookStiig Helgens Binggeli @ TwitterStiig Helgens Binggeli @ LinkedIn
Thomas Hedegaard
COO / Client Service Director
Thomas Hedegaard @ FacebookThomas Hedegaard @ LinkedIn
Peter Larsen
Director & Senior Advisor, Brandhouse Odense
Annette Milner
Client Service Director
Annette Milner @ FacebookAnnette Milner @ LinkedIn
Anita Dejgaard
Anita Dejgaard @ LinkedIn
Christina F. Nyvold
Accounting Assistant
Lau Christoffersen
Graphic Production Manager
Christophe Chamerat
Chief Technical Officer
Christophe Chamerat @ LinkedIn
Kasper Sebastian Munch
Strategic Director
Astrid Bjerre
Felix Binggeli
Brand Consultant
Magdalena Misiak
PR Senior Consultant
Magdalena Misiak @ LinkedIn
Richard Hansen
PR and SoMe Consultant
Joachim Rosenstand
Creative Director
Joachim Rosenstand @ LinkedIn
Peter Dipo Zimmermann
Creative Director Retail
Peter Dipo Zimmermann @ LinkedIn
Kristina Rosengren
Senior Copywriter
Kristina Rosengren @ FacebookKristina Rosengren @ LinkedIn
Anna Ax
Senior Art Director
Anna Ax @ LinkedIn
Rasmus Zepernick Jensen
Art Director
Andreas Arnaa
Art Director
Jesper Sichlau
Art Director
Christina Anaya
Text and Concept
Kaspar Schultz
Senior Art Director
Kaspar Schultz @ LinkedIn
Dorthe Lindberg
Graphic Designer
Dorthe Lindberg @ Facebook
Tom Rossum
Photo Content Producer
Tom Rossum @ FacebookTom Rossum @ LinkedIn
Mathis Eskjær Jensen
Film Producer & Director
Nikolaj Have
Software Development Manager
Nikolaj Have @ FacebookNikolaj Have @ TwitterNikolaj Have @ LinkedIn
Christian Lund
Senior PHP Developer
Finn Larsen
Head Chef
Asta Petrea Dueholm